90 minutes

What is included in the show program:
The choice of this show program guarantees you a complete immersion into the depths of unearthly pleasure, which will last 1.5 hours. The meeting with the girl will take place in the shower, where you can enjoy the shape of her body, as well as wash off the burden of daily worries that are deposited in a layer on your skin. Fragrant foam, warm jets of water, gentle hands of a beautiful girl - the journey to the land of pleasure begins!

1. Shower with a girl
2. Wellness part of the program
3. Erotic part of the program
4. Technique "lingam"
5. Tea ceremony

The girl will help you sit comfortably on the tatami, after which she will make you a wellness and energizing Thai body, during which every muscle of your body will be flexed. Not a single corner of your body can be hidden from the skilled fingers of the craftswoman. Waves of bliss will roll over you, rocking you on the ridges of pleasure.

Our girls-gurus are real academics in the science of PHALLUSophy, you can see for yourself in practice. Your body will not deceive you. It will respond to the skillful actions of the craftswoman and her hot kisses, which will bring you to the threshold of real passion. The obligatory phalosophy program is the prostate or lingam program. It is this program that brings men to the very top of pleasure.

PHALLUSophy is one of the most interesting programs in our relaxation salon. Thanks to her, you will completely relax and tone yourself. We recommend using the "PHALLUSophy" massage oil according to this scenario

8900 ₽
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