Thai erotic massage
60 minutes

For a modern man, to relax and enjoy Thai massage, it is not at all necessary to fly to Thailand. Today a similar Thai erotic massage service can be obtained in Yekaterinburg in the men's salon "Rasputin".

Thai erotic massage restores strength
It is known that massage, especially Thai erotic massage, relaxes the body and restores the harmony of the soul. We have brought the art of Thai massage to perfection. You can verify this on your own only after crossing the threshold of the club. You will find yourself at the mercy of pleasure and harmony that will absorb you 100%.

An exclusive interior, sexy girls, an atmosphere of relaxation will distract you from everyday worries and help you plunge headlong into the realm of the most candid desires and dreams.

Thai erotic massage practices
Thai erotic massage is the most sensual and skillful of all types of massage. With its help, men seem to be reborn and ascend to the peak of pleasure. During the session, they receive a powerful erotic and emotional charge.

We employ the most skilled masseuses. The unsurpassed skill of the girls, their gorgeous bodies will give every man who looks to us a lot of pleasure.

You will experience all the charm of bodily practices, feel gentle hands on various parts of the body, and warm up from passionate touches. Our girls know how to please a variety of men, while finding an individual approach to each. The wishes of our clients are above all for us, we take into account all wishes and listen to requests.

We invite you to see for yourself and get a lot of new unexplored sensations from Thai erotic massage.

3700 ₽
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