Erotic massage for a couple

Erotic massage is a separate type of massage that is practiced for both relaxation and Wellness purposes. It first appeared in ancient times and was used in the cultures of various peoples of the world. The Japanese went the furthest, offering to combine fire with cold for the best effect, adding ice to the list of massage accessories. India, in turn, has glorified erotic massage for two as a session of joint relaxation and arousal of partners.

At the Rasputin salon, you can use the massage service for couples at any time. Forget about routine, daily worries and responsibilities, come to us and share with your other half all the joys of erotic relaxation.

Candid steamy erotic massage

Our program for couples will bring new feelings to the relationship, ignite a spark of passion and allow you to rediscover each other. You will begin to understand and feel each other better, and our masters will help you do this on a professional level.

Experienced masseuses with their gentle hands will work out a variety of techniques for you with stroking, kneading and rubbing. Erotic vibrations will be transmitted to your bodies and ignite the flame of passion in your couple.

The effect of mechanical action is enhanced by the use of massage oils, scented candles and Oriental incense. The correct use of these additional accessories by our girls allows us to more accurately affect different parts of the human body, causing certain desires.

Erotic massage for couples is sure to end with pleasure. You can prolong the moment of euphoria either in private, the masseuses will leave you alone, or in the company of our girls, who will stay and bring your couple to true bliss.

Advantages of joint massage

Our regular customers know that the best massage for couples in Yekaterinburg is done in "Rasputin". The service is very popular due to the following advantages:

  • removal of physical and emotional stress;
  • getting body contact and interaction skills;
  • elimination of any complexes and constraints;
  • increase self-esteem;
  • display of passion.

You will both feel desirable and sexy, no matter how many years you have been together.


By tradition, erotic massage for a married couple is done by two girls. But the desire of clients is our law, and if your other half wants to feel strong male hands, we will be happy to provide a masseur at her disposal.

In addition, the program involves a shared shower, after which our clients completely forget about their current problems and plunge into the world of sensual pleasures.

In the refined interiors of our salon, you will be warmly welcomed by lovely and affectionate girls. A quiet, casual conversation will allow you to relax completely, and charming employees will help you choose a massage program and massage therapists.

Having once visited Rasputin with your partner, you will definitely come back to us again and become a regular customer.

We are waiting for you around the clock without interruptions day and night.