One of the leading men's clubs in Yekaterinburg invites you to work!

You are undoubtedly a beauty! You know how to take care of your body and monitor your health. Men are shocked by Your bright appearance and devour You with their eyes!

If this is the case, Then you deserve more!

for Example, to drive men crazy and get paid for it! After all, being beautiful is not only hard work, but also a big expense.

Men's club"Rasputin" guarantees:

High and stable income – on average, this amount is 230,000 rubles per month! We work only with wealthy clients who are able to appreciate the work of our girls.

Flexible schedule and comfortable working conditions. For our employees, there is a recreation room, as well as a kitchen with a refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. We provide housing for nonresidents.

We will help you master one of the most popular professions.

Businessmen, Directors of large companies, politicians and athletes are the main base of our clients! Thanks to the work in the men's club "Rasputin", You will meet successful and interesting men.

In order to get to us, you need to meet several requirements:

1) First of all, the club needs healthy and clean girls, because this depends on the prestige and level of our institution, which we guarantee to customers!

2) Good external data. Candidates must be open-minded, friendly and attractive!

3) punctuality, responsibility and energy are Important conditions – lateness is absolutely not welcome! We support the high quality and service of our club.

4) Experience is optional. We teach methods of show programs and rules of working with clients after employment. Here you only need Your desire and desire!

5) Sex is prohibited! All identified cases of sex with a client within the club should be immediately dismissed.

Why put off a beautiful life until tomorrow? Become strong and independent today!


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