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Show programs for women

There is nothing more pleasant and slightly exciting than sensual relaxation. Not only men, but also women love to give their whole body to the wave of bliss that such a show program gives…

Any program for women – erotic or even simple, is associated with pleasure. Women are more sensitive to touch, subject to the magic of gentle and gentle hands, which is why they are provided with special charming programs.

The choice is Yours!

The erotic program for women basically does not divide the female body into "allowed" and "forbidden" zones (unlike the classic program). The entire body, down to every intimate and secret zone, is considered a luxury in itself, given to a woman by generous nature.

We offer unforgettable erotic show programs to a woman, after which you feel like you were born again. You can choose a simple relaxing erotic relax, or an exciting, breast massage or more intimate areas.

Relaxing erotic show program for women.

It will be especially pleasant for ladies with increased sexuality. It will help to cope with the growing sexual energy, to get a woman a pleasure that will never be forgotten.

Bright, passionate feelings and unearthly pleasure will be brought by an erotic show program to a girl, especially one who is not yet too experienced in love joys. The use of aromatic oils and scents of special aroma candles during the program will only add spice to the relaxing erotic relaxation.

Exciting relaxation for women, erotic and sensual, breast caresses and more intimate areas will appeal to more sophisticated ladies. It will allow them to completely dissolve in the sensual bliss of the rolling wave of languor and violent pleasure, to feel the existence of certain hidden possibilities in themselves, awakened by the experienced hands of a professional.

You need to understand that erotic relaxation for a woman is not just a program. This is the whole art of pleasure, which our salon is ready to give to any woman in need of affection and sensuality.

Pleasure awaits you in the salon "Rasputin".