Erotic MIXX
120-150 minutes

What is included in the show program:
This is a program for brave and self-confident men who are ready to spend 2.5 hours alone with a girl and get maximum pleasure during this time, even without sexual contact. You yourself are the director of the program. The girl will readily accept your wishes and fulfill them, giving you incredible pleasure. We recommend using branded massage oil according to this scenario and your visit to our salon will be unforgettable!

In order to prepare the body for repeated pleasure and get to know the main actress of your theater better, it is best to start the mix in the shower or jacuzzi. The girl's gentle hands will help you relax and take the burden of daily worries off your shoulders. The relaxation is not over here. This is followed by a Thai program, stone therapy, foot massage. During the procedures, the gentle touches of the girl's hands will immerse you in a state of bliss, from which the massage of the buttocks can take you out, which will lift you to the peak of pleasure. Now, after your body is cleansed and relaxed, you are full of strength for new achievements, you can move on to the hotter elements of the EROTIC-MIXX program.

The erotic part is without oil, but with the use of talcum powder - this is a delicacy dish, all the sharpness of which can only be appreciated by true connoisseurs of pleasures. Hot kisses of a girl can be replaced by icy breath, this is shocking and exciting at the same time. Do not hesitate to shower kisses on the body of the girl who gave you so much pleasure during the highest sensation of pleasure.

For thrill-seekers
For lovers of the most thrilling sensations that will take you to the peak of bliss, our girls will make you a lingam procedure. This is an ancient Hindu ceremony, the purpose of which is to receive pleasure, with the power of which there is little that can be compared in this life. Complete liberation of your soul from worries tormenting it awaits you. Complete ecstasy ...

The unhurried movements of the girl's hands will more than once bring you to the state of complete Nirvana, at the end of which you will realize that you did not know much either about yourself or your body. You can finish the program with a tea ceremony in the company of a wonderful craftswoman or hold a small buffet table with her. It will brighten up the sad moments of parting with the beautiful, but you can always return the sensations by returning to our salon.

12900 ₽
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