Taiga Romance
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We invite you to a romantic fairy tale in the boundless and mysterious forests of the Taiga, where any miracles are possible ...
You are a tired wanderer, hungry for female warmth.
She is a hospitable hostess, so longing for male affection.

You will be greeted as the most long-awaited Guest, slowly and lustfully undressed and taken to the already prepared steam room, where the aromas of pine needles and oils with aphrodisiacs will stupefy you and your companion.
They will be conveniently placed on spruce pillows and will begin the most gentle and exciting part of the exotic show - foam massage with sensual elements that are included only in this exclusive program.

After relaxing, erotic aromatherapy, the excited hostess takes her beloved Guest to the room, where she will sit opposite herself and, sinking lower and lower, will begin to kiss your body with such tenderness and passion that She is capable of, and She does not take up abilities ...
At the most piquant place, She will linger a little, but only for a minute to ignite the enthusiasm even more!
She will come down to your feet to make the most sensual foot fetish... You will be absolutely delighted! And when you can't hold back anymore,
She will pounce on you with all the tenderness and love of a true courtesan to begin the most long-awaited and heartfelt part of the program ...
Everything will be here, all the most frank and hot elements, oral caresses of all possible options and poses that you have not tried before

This fairy tale will end only when you want it...

As a compliment, you will be served soft drinks, herbal tea and snacks.

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